Workflow Package Overview

By Lars Pind on 31 August 2000.

OpenACS Documentation : Workflow

The workflow package provides infrastructure to coordinate the work of multiple persons working on the same project.

For Everyone

Why should I care about workflow? Business managers and developers will find the answer here.

Concepts Guide
Is the starting point. It explains what the workflow package does and provides the knowledge necessary to formalize workflow processes using this package.

Concepts Reference
Once you've read the concepts guide, you can use this for reference.

Future Plans
Tentative plans for future enhancements to the package.

Support Information
Where to turn if you get stuck or get brilliant.

For Administrators

Installation and Getting Started Guide
How you get started working with the OpenACS Workflow package.

Advanced Workflow Builder's Guide (missing)
A guide for those formally defining a workflow process. This is necessary to do in order to take advantage of the workflow package. This is for building advanced workflows where you'll need (and want) know how the engine operates.

For Developers

Developer's Guide
Contains information for developers on how to build applications that deploy the workflow package.

Maintainer's Guide (in progress)
Contains information on the internals of this package for developers wanting to extend or maintain the workflow package itself.

Requirements Document
The requirements specification for the Workflow package.

Design Document
The design document for the Workflow package.
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