by Jennie Kim Housman

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Release Notes

The current release version is 1.0.


Currently, site-wide administrators are given full permission for any function in the mp3-jukebox package. Users may view, vote, and download available playlists of mp3s. Only site-wide administrators can manipulate playlists and mp3s.

Installation Guide

After downloading this package and mounting it on the site-map, the administrator needs to do a few things before the package will work:
  1. If you don't have it already, install the perl CPAN module; "MPEG::MP3Info" (as root):
    # perl -MCPAN -e shell
    cpan> install MPEG::MP3Info
  2. Create a staging directory for your MP3s. This directory should be world writeable. Users will place MP3s here to be scanned. We usually call it '/var/shared/mp3s'.
  3. Create a final destination for your MP3s. Only nsadmin needs to be able to read / write here. This creates a semi-clean directory where the MP3s are kept, separate from the craziness of a world writeable directory. We usually place it in the servers hierarchy, but NOT in the package's directory. Currently, our final destination directory is '/web/servername/mp3_files'.
  4. Edit the parameters for your application, and set 'MP3StagingLocation' to your staging directory's location.
  5. Change MP3FileLocation to the final destination directory.
  6. Place some MP3s in the staging directory.
  7. Run the scanner from the admin directory.
  8. Enjoy!
    Jennie Housman