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How to Create a Portal Subsite

* Please note that the following instructions are for creating a subsite directly under the main Portal subsite. If you are creating a subsite under another subsite, you will have to substitute the appropriate directories below.

  1. Make a new directory for the subsite.

    • cd /web/ucla/www/
    • mkdir <subsite-name>

  2. Copy the sample files to the new subsite.

    • cd <subsite-name>
    • cp /web/ucla/packages/portal-subsite/www/*.* .
    • CVS/SVN the new subsite

  3. Mount the new subsite at a URL on the development web site.

  4. Modify the new subsite pages as necessary.
  5. Move the new subsite to staging and production.

    • Ask the project leader to move the pages to staging and production
    • Repeat Step #3 replacing the development URL with staging and production URLs

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